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Issue No 105
Winter 2005 
page 27

Herbs for Diabetes
For the millions affected by this disease, a healthy lifestyle and the right herbs can offer safe and natural relief.

Florabel Campbell-Atkinson, MCPP, MNIMH

Illustrations by:
Tristan Berlund

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    "I ’ve been told I may have diabetes," said the pleasant, 55 year-old lady to me in the very early days of my practice as a medical herbalist. “I’m to have a battery of tests and an appointment at the hospital, but no one has really told me very much about it.” After we spoke for a little while longer, I realized this woman shared the same concerns that many of my patients diagnosed with diabetes have: How did they get diabetes and how was it going to affect their lives? Would they have to take medicine, and if so, would it help? Would exercise or a change in diet benefit in any way? A few conducted their own research and discovered that while plenty of theories abound, there are almost no concrete facts. Was there anything, really, this wom-

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