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Issue No 106
Spring 2006 
page 51

Accessible Herb Gardening
Don't let physical limitations stop you from enjoying the herbs in your garden.

Janet Cass

Illustrations by:
Peggy Turchette

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    How would ho-hum scrambled eggs taste without fresh parsley tossed in to perk them up? Where would my sock drawer be without its sachet of lavender to keep it from smelling like, well, a sock drawer? And when I’m hard at work in the yard and my mouth gets dry, what would I do without the mint that grows at the base of my composter? Chew a leaf or two and I feel revived, good to go for another 20 minutes, until thirst finally drives me indoors. I depend on the herbs that grow in my backyard, and although I suffer from arthritis and my body doesn’t bend and stretch as easily as it used to, I’m not about to give up my garden. If you’re among the 42 million Americans with a physical disability,
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