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Cover from:
Issue No 94 Spring 2003

Reviled by some as a blight to the well-manicured lawn, dandelions offer an astonishing number of possibilities when it comes to cooking, health, even art. In this issue we give this harbinger of spring due respect with recipes and projects that celebrate its many uses (See page 25.)

Cover art by
Thomas Becker

  1. Potent Perfume
    Mary Capone and Janet Rupp
  2. Dandelion Delights
    Randa Black
  3. London Calling: The Chelsea Physic Garden
    Kate Ramage
  4. Raising a Crop of Young Gardeners
    Theresa Loe
  5. Help for Hiccups
    KP Khalsa, CD-N, AHG
  1. An Afternoon with the Nettles
    Maureen Oram
  2. Do-It-Yourself Tinctures
    Leslie Shelby
  3. The Secret Language of Herbs
    Roberta L. Hughes
  4. Spring Menu, Revisited
    Pamela Eimers
  1. Nice 'n' Spicy
  2. Letters
  3. Herbal Healthwatch
  4. Books
  5. Miscellany
  6. Master Gardener

  1. Ask HQ
  2. Herbal Updates
  3. Potpourri
  4. Herb & Garden Mart
  5. Down the Garden Path

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