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Cover from:
Issue No 98 Spring 2004

Mighty and majestic, the eucalyptus tree boasts a number of uses as well as a delightfully unique aroma. In this issue we take a look at different species, each with characteristics that enhance any garden.

Cover art by
Thomas Becker

  1. Glorious Garlic
    Helene Pizzi
  2. The Venerable Violet
    Maureen Oram
  3. Herbal Pregnancy Kit
    Heather K. Scott
  4. The Herb Circle at
    Green Gulch Farm

    Jim Keough
  5. Dyes from the Garden
    Tamara Moots
  1. Monarda: Queen of the Native Herbs
    Helen Hendrickson
  2. A Spring Floral Brunch
    Lynn Smythe
  3. The Stevia Story
    Jeanne Ricci
  1. Garden Gate
  2. Letters
  3. Herbal Healthwatch
  4. Medicine Chest
  5. Books
  6. Herbalist's Notebook
  1. Miscellany
  2. Master Gardener
  3. Ask HQ
  4. Potpourri
  5. Herb & Garden Mart
  6. Down the Garden Path
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